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Norland Téllez, PhD

Norland Téllez is an artist and teacher with over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. As a scholar of myth and history, he remains committed to critical thinking through the power of the mythic image.

Discovering Bright-sided

I first learned about Barbara Ehrenreich when I stumbled upon an interview with Catherine Liu for Jacobin, where the notion of the PMC or Professional Managerial Class is discussed and developed. The interview centered on the development of this notion of the PMC as formulated by Barbara and John Ehrenreich published in the Radical Magazine for the ... Read more
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The Flight of Icarus

As we saw last time, the secret identity-in-difference between Hephaestus, Daedalus, Talos, and Icarus begins to expose the greater network of mythic inflexions that belong to the archetype of the artist in Greek mythology. If Daedalus represents the artist himself, Icarus, his son, stands for the work of art and its fall into the lifeless ... Read more
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The Transcendence of the Unprecedented

Asking the fundamental question of being in our own times, we have to face the gaping existential blindspot which prevents us from properly knowing ourselves.
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Daedalus as Archetypal Artist

Robert Graves notes the secret identity-in-difference shared by all the figures associated with Daedelus—an archetypal network of partial identifications—whose divine ‘center’ is Hephaestus, the ‘hobbled’ God of artistic productivity and ‘Vulcanic’ creation.
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The Rising Dawn of Maya Time

From time immemorial, in the highlands of Mesoamerica, the spectacle of the winter solstice, this most sacred of rising dawns, has offered a precise point of spiritual concentration and reflection on the nature of being in time.
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The Initiation of Our Age

Attempting to trace my own “path to bliss” I do not engage in a self-centered affair, for it is not a question of “my” individuation alone...
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Grammatological Opening

A consequent grammatological opening of the Popol-Wuh has already been deployed by Gordon Brotherston in his remarkable Book of the Fourth World: Reading the Native Americas Through Their Literature
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The Hyphen of Mytho-History

“We, in fact, are dealing with a unified history that embraces in continuous succession the whole historical-cultural process: history written in terms of mythological thought, which is historical for these people.”
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Writing in Space

Let us place emphasis for a moment on this silent hyphen of mytho-history, this inaudible little dash which at the same time unites and separates the mythical dimensions from the historic substance of creative-being itself. This little dash that dialectically separates and unites myth and history in the mytho-historic dynamics of creative-being belongs to that ... Read more
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